We all fall down from time to time.  Here are some answers to common questions to get you back on your feet.

Q: I can’t open a map, what should I do?
A: If you long press on the ski area name you’ll get a list of options. Select Download Map. This will force a fresh download of the map and clears up nearly all issues
Q: My favorite ski area isn’t listed?
A: Send me an email and I’ll get it added as quickly as possible. It’s helpful if you can provide a link to the website or trail map.

Q: I found a trail map that is outdated, how can I get the current map?
A: First try pressing the Menu button from the main screen and select Update. This will download the lastest list of maps. The next time you open a map it will download any updates in the background. If that doesn’t download the new map, send me an email to let me know which map needs updating.

Q: What’s the difference between the free and paid versrions?
A: The free version provides unlimited access to all the trail maps and is supported by ads. The paid version also includes unlimited access to snow reports, weather forecasts and webcams. With the free version you get a trial of the Pro features, but it’s limited to 15 downloads. This allows you to see if you find the extra features to be valuable.

Q: Where can I download Ski TrailMaps?
A: You can download the app from the Android Market by clicking here.